The Company With Global Resources

From premium veneers to corestock and platforms, North American red oak to African okoume, it's available through Evergreen. We have global connections at your command, with sources in Africa, Central and South America, and Western Europe, as well as the United States and Canada. And whether your shipment originates in Western Africa or Western Pennsylvania, you can count on Evergreen's commitment to quality product and reliable delivery promises.

Consistency and Value-Added Service

We are differentiated by the individualized service the Evergreen team offers our customers. We understand that despite all of the traits shared by manufacturers, no single company is identical to any other. Which is why your Evergreen representative gets to know your company personally. Your rep examines your processes and practices carefully, then matches our products and services to your individual needs.

Our Global Connections

Whether you're looking for a product from Western Africa or Western Europe, Pennsylvania or the Philippines, Evergreen Hardwoods, Inc. can deliver. And thanks to decades-long relationships with these sources, we can keep your supply chain strong and consistent.