The World's Woods from a Single Source

Welcome to Evergreen Hardwoods, Inc., your single point of contact for a broad variety of wood products, including premium hardwood veneers, specialty panels, core stock, platforms, and whole logs for export. And when it comes to veneers in particular, you can count on Evergreen to supply virtually any species you desire. From distinctive cherry veneers to Honduras mahogany, your product is only a call away.

For over the past thirty years, we have been representing the needs of companies like yours to forest product providers throughout the world. We can help you obtain just the right product at just the right time in just the right quantity to meet your specific manufacturing requirements. No matter where in the world that product comes from.

Take a tour of our site. Find out about Evergreen Hardwoods, Inc., who we are and the quality we stand for. Check out our wide array of products. Be sure to take advantage of our convenient tools, which include a glossary of terminology, a metric-to-US measurement conversion chart, a list of characteristics of many popular hardwoods, and other helpful features.