We offer a wide range of hardwood log, lumber and veneer products. With 30 years in the business, our extensive knowledge of the industry along with our multilingual sales and support staff has enabled us to work directly with you and cater to your specific needs. We take great pride in our history of creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with our customers by providing the highest quality products and service competitively and efficiently. The high standard placed on providing quality products and service has established Evergreen Hardwoods as a leader in our field.

Our log buyers are strategically located throughout the Northern Appalachian and Midwestern regions of the United States, and Canada to handpick our logs and ensure quality. Whether you are looking for veneer logs, saw logs, or veneer flitches, you can count on us. In addition to offering an array of North American logs, we ship lumber from Western Europe to Asia.

You can depend on our dedicated and experienced sales support team with the highest level of customer service as we provide full logistics services accurately and expediently. For inquires or questions, email export@eghardwoods.com

Product Types:

AlderRed Oak
Aromatic Cedar (Slicing Flitches)Sweet Gum/Sap Gum
CherryWest Coast Maple (Big Leaf Maple)
HickoryWest Coast Poplar (Cottonwood)
MapleWhite Oak