If It Grows, We Deliver.

Evergreen Hardwoods, Inc. has direct lines with the world's leading suppliers of sliced and rotary hardwood veneers, specialty panels, corestock, and platforms. We are also a reliable source for North American and European whole logs, which we can expedite to your overseas facilities for processing.

Log Exports

We offer a wide range of both veneer-grade and saw-grade log varieties for export to overseas manufacturers. In addition to offering an array of North American logs, we will obtain the logs you need from Western Europe and expedite them to your facilities in the Pacific Rim and elsewhere.

Hardwood Veneers

We can obtain any sliced or rotary-cut veneer you need. From industrial to decorative. Need a full truckload of sliced red oak faces for standard stock panel production? You'll have it. How about a gorgeous selection exotic face for one of your cabinet customers? No problem.

Specialty Panels

Need a precision-built specialty panel for a unique application? Are special thickness and grade tolerances required for your application? That's what we do. Tell us what you need and we'll match it with a manufacturer who has a proven track record in that specific area. You'll get exactly what you specify through Evergreen. No ifs and no surprises.

Corestock & Platforms

Evergreen Hardwoods, Inc. is your single source for a worldwide selection of veneer core platforms, thin MDF, crossbands, and other core materials. We have sources in Africa, Central and South America, Asia, and elsewhere. In addition, we can obtain tight-grain substrates for use with thin overlays, such as paper.